I am one of the main developers of the ALEVIN simulation software for Virtual Network Embeddings. It is a versatile tool to compare and rate VNE algorithms via empiric evaluation. It has a very flexible scenario generation component and supports a large number of metrics. Moreover, its architecture allows it to be easily extended with user-provided functionality. It has been used successfully in multiple projects throughout the world. Check it out on SourceForge.

EU research projects

I have contributed to several EU funded research projects, collaborating with numerous well-known partners from academia and industry:

Short nameDurationFull nameWebsite
NEAT2015-2018A New, Evolutive API and Transport Layer Architecture for the Internet
EINS2011-2015Network of Excellence in Internet Science
All4Green2011-2014Active collaboration in datacenter ecosystem to reduce energy consumption and GHG emissions
EuroNF2008-2012Anticipating the Network of the Future
ResumeNet2008-2010Resilience and Survivability for Future Networking: Framework, Mechanisms, and Experimental Evaluation
AutoI2008-2010Autonomic Internet